Counter-sink drill with carbid tipped blades

Counter-sink drill with carbid tipped blades
GRAPHITE counter-sink drill is designed to drill holes in wood and chipboards. Special blade design allows to drill flat bottom holes. Blades with fine grit sintered carbide allow to obtain perfect surface finish and greatly improve lifetime of the drill. Tool is mainly used to drill holes for cup hinges in furniture front panels.

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Solid carbide router bit for drilling holes for cup hinges.

  • High quality tct blade

  • For wood

  • For plywood

REF L Ø[mm] OPK  
57H266  60 25 1/100 Add to Wishlist
57H267  60 32 1/100 Add to Wishlist
57H268  60 35 1/90 Add to Wishlist
57H267  Add to Wishlist
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