Driver bits

Driver bits
GRAPHITE screwdriver bits are made of durable S2 steel that ensures long service life. Convenient, plastic case allows for easy storage of bits inside a tool box. 20 pcs of one size bits are used for tasks that require doing large quantities of screws in series (e.g. fixing plasterboards).

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Driver bits, length 25 mm, 1/4", S2 steel

  • Holder size

REF L [mm] Rozmiar szt. w opakowaniu Typ OPK  
57H955  25 2 20 PH 1/50 Add to Wishlist
57H956  25 2 20 PZ 1/50 Add to Wishlist
57H958  50 2 10 PH 1/50 Add to Wishlist
57H959  50 2 10 PZ 1/50 Add to Wishlist
57H999  50 2 10 PH / PZ 1/50 Add to Wishlist
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