Electric mixer

Electric mixer
High end two gear GRAPHITE electric mixer (ref. no. 58G784) with high power 1600 W motor is designed to mix thick and thin gypsum plasters, adhesive mortars and paints — up to 90 litres at a time. Thanks to robust design and efficient heat dissipation the mixer can be used for continuous operation at finishing works on large construction sites. The mixer features spindle rotational speed adjustment and soft start. The first gear allows motor to produce speed within range 180 to 460 rpm, the second gear speed is 300 to 700 rpm. Well profiled and coated with anti slip material tool handle allows for comfortable and safe operation for a long time. For greater safety, the mixer is equipped with a lock to prevent accidental starting. The mixer set includes additional mixer paddles and practical case. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.

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Mixer 1600W , speed: I:180-460 min⁻¹, II: 300-700 min⁻¹, M14 shank, maximum amount of mix concrete 90 l, mixer paddles (LxH) 610x160 mm, mixer (LxH) 340x245 mm, weight without paddles 4.66 kg, weight with paddles 5.86 kg, accessories: 2 mixer paddles, for thick and thin paddles, case

  • Power

    1600 W

  • Voaltage


  • Max. mixing volume

    max 90 l

  • Chuck type


  • Cable length

    3 m

  • Rpm

    I: 100-420 min-¹ II: 150-600 min-¹

  • Weight

    4,7 kg

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