The mini-grinder GRAPHITE, with a 170 W motor (ref. no. 59G019) is a functional and handy mini-grinder with a broad range of applications. It enables cutting, grinding, polishing, and drilling in various materials. It has a light and ergonomic housing and an efficient 170 W motor which enables performance of a broad range of workshop work. The mini-grinder has a stepless adjustment of rotational speed in the range from 8,000 to 35,000 rpm. It is delivered in an aesthetic plastic and polycarbonate case. The mini-grinder has a very extensive set of accessories, such as grindstones, diamond milling cutters, drills, hones, polishing felts, grinding head and tapes, and cutting disks - a total of 190 different accessories. It is equipped with an additional handle that facilitates use of the device and a flexible roller for precision work. The mini-grinder is covered with a 24-month warranty.

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Minigrinder 170W, speed 8,000-35,000 min⁻¹, working tool shank holder diameter 1.6 mm/2.4 mm/3.2 mm, spindle diameter M8, maximum working tools diameter 35 mm, accessories: flexible shaft, special flat spanner, additional shield, auxiliary handle, various accessories 190 pcs, weight 0.75 kg, plastic transport box

  • Power

    170 W

  • Voaltage


  • Chuck range

    1.6; 2.4; 3.2 mm

  • Rpm

    8000 - 35000 min-1

  • Weight

    0.75 kg

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