Rotary hammer drill

Rotary hammer drill
Four function SDS plus GRAPHITE rotary hammer drill with 720 W motor features modes of impact drilling, drilling only, chiselling and ability of stepless adjustment of chisel angle setting for precision chiselling. Maximum drilling diameter for concrete is 26 mm, for wood 30 mm and for steel 13 mm. The rotary hammer drill also allows to change direction of spindle rotation without loss of power in ccw direction, and features switch lock for continuous operation. The tool can reach speed up to 1250 rpm when drilling. The design allows to use pneumatic impact at the rate of 5550 strokes per minute and energy 2.8 J. The set also includes additional drill, drill chuck, chuck adapter and convenient carrying case. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.

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Rotary hammer drill, SDS+ 720 W, speed 0–1250 rpm, cw/ccw, impact action 0-5000 min⁻¹, impact energy 2.8 J, 4-function, drilling diameter in concrete/steel/wood 26/13/30 mm, cable 3 m, (LxH) 390 x 280 mm, weight 3.2 kg, accessories: masonry drill, drill chuck, chuck adapter, case

  • Power


  • Voaltage


  • Impact frequency

    0-5550 min-¹

  • Max. drilling in concrete

    max 26 mm

  • Max. drilling in steel

    max 13 mm

  • Max. drilling in wood

    max 30 mm

  • Impact energy

    2,8 J

  • Chuck range

    SDS +

  • Cable length

    3 m

  • Rpm

    0-1250 min-¹

  • Rotation


  • Weight

    3,2 kg

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