Magnetic socket

Magnetic socket
GRAPHITE magnetic socket is designed for self drilling screws and made of high resistance S2 steel. Strong magnet seated in bronze sleeve protects screws from falling out of the socket during initial phase of screwing.

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Magnetic socket, magnet seated in bronze sleeve, 1/4" shank, S2 steel

  • Magnetic holder

  • Holder size

REF L [mm] W [mm] OPK  
57H991  65 6 10/200 Add to Wishlist
57H992  65 8 10/200 Add to Wishlist
57H993  65 10 10/200 Add to Wishlist
57H994  65 13 10/200 Add to Wishlist
57H993  Add to Wishlist
57H992  Add to Wishlist
57H994  Add to Wishlist
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