Sheet metal nibbler

Sheet metal nibbler
High end GRAPHITE sheet metal shears (ref. no. 59G402) with 500 W motor are designed for cutting steel sheets of maximum thickness 2.5 mm and 3 mm thick aluminium sheets in straight and curved lines. Shears do not produce waste material. Thanks to metal gear casing the tool offers high strength. Sheets are cut with four edged blades that additionally allow for rotation. Maximum blade speed is 1800 strokes per minute. Shears are equipped with chip shield and lock against accidental start. It is possible to lock the tool switch for continuous operation. Additionally, shears feature 5 metre power cord. The tool set includes: feeler gauge, service keys and handy carrying case. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.

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Sheet metal nibbler for flat sheets, 500W, cutter strokes 1,800 m⁻¹, max. steel cutting thickness 2.5mm, aluminium 3 mm, tool dimensions (LxHxW) 280x155x80 mm, weight 2.3 kg, case, accessories: hex key, feeler gauge

  • Power

    500 W

  • Voaltage


  • Cable length

    5 m

  • Weight

    2 kg

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