Tile cutter

Tile cutter
Special GRAPHITE tile cutting machine (ref. no. 59G886) with high power 1500 W motor is designed for precise cutting of tiles and stone up to 60 mm thick. Mitre cutting range is 0 to 45°. The power tool features electric protections, including portable residual current device and thermal protection in electric motor. The tool can be started with solenoid switch and features I protection class with protection level IP54. Induction motor of the cutter with copper winding is capable of driving head to speed up to 3000 rpm. Cutting head guide is made of aluminium alloy resistant to high temperatures. Upper cutter guide has integrated laser pointer that provides full control over cutting process. The tool is also equipped with water pump for wet cutting and has integrated water container with drain plug. Cutter tabletop is padded with anti slip material that prevents from accidental movements of processed material. It is possible to fold legs for easier transport and storage. The cutter set includes: base, legs, mitre gauge, cutting length locking assembly, tile holder, service keys, tray, screws, knobs and clamps. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.

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Ceramic tile saw 1500W, blade 200x25.4 mm, speed 3,000 min⁻¹, bevel cutting range 0-45º, cutting depth at 620 mm: 30/30 mm (90º/45º), at 500 mm: 60/40 mm, cutting length 620 mm, degree of protection IP54, laser pointer, motor overload protection, residual current protection, dimensions (LxWxH) 1150x660x1030 mm, weight 38 kg, accessories: mitre gauge, cutting length lock with wheel, tile holder, 2 ring spanners

  • Power

    1500 W

  • Voaltage


  • Ø inner/outer

    250 x 25,4 mm

  • Max. thickness

    max H 60 mm

  • Weight

    38 kg

  • Rpm

    3000 min-¹

  • Cutting length

    max L 620 mm

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