Chain saw

Chain saw
High end GRAPHITE petrol chain saw (ref. no. 89G940) with 2kW/2.7 HP engine designed for comfortable and quick cutting through wood. Chain saw speed is 3000 rpm min. and 10 000 rpm max. The tool features automatic brake that stops chain at kickback. Two point guide bar attachment and shock absorption system improve device stability during operation. The saw is equipped with integrated chain lubrication system, it is also possible to manually adjust oil consumption. Crankshaft is mounted in aluminium alloy body, Additionally the tool is protected with high quality plastic casing with improved impact strength. The chain saw also features full bearing mount of rotary parts and two point attachment of safety brake lever. The saw set includes: guide bar cover, guide bar, chain, bumper spike, container for petrol and oil blend, screwdriver and service keys. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.

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Petrol chain saw, 2kW/2.7HP, guide bar 16" (400 mm), speed 3000 min⁻¹, fuel tank 550 ml, chain oil tank 260 ml, chain pitch 0.325” (8.255 mm), chain thickness 0.058” (1.47 mm), automatic oil pump with hand adjustments, chain oil type SAE 10W/30, two stroke engine, dimensions (LxWxH) 400x240x280 mm, weight 4.9 kg, accessories: guide bar, chain, spark plug key with screwdriver, hex key with T handle, file

  • Chain scale

    0.325" /8.255 mm

  • Power


  • Engine

    52 cm3

  • Guide length

    400 mm / 16"

  • Fuel tank capacity

    550 ml

  • Rpm

    3000 min-1

  • Weight

    4.9 kg

  • Average fuel consumption

    0.85 l/h

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