GRAPHITE inverter welder is perfect device for amateur and semiprofessional welding tasks. 230 V power supply allows to connect to a regular mains socket. Use of high power bipolar transistors guarantees efficient device operation and precise control of welding current. Hot Start feature is for easier arc ignition and start of welding process. Comfortable holder makes carrying the device easier. The device is fully equipped in cables, welding mask and hammer, and can be used immediately after purchase. Use of cooling fan and short circuit protection guarantees long and failure free welder operation.

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Inverter welder IGBT, 230 V, welding current 10–160 A, maximum power consumption 5.5 kVA, duty cycle 40%, Hot Start system, short circuit protection, weight 5.1 kg. Carrying handle, welding cables, welding mask and hammer with brush.

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