Cordless orbital sander

Cordless orbital sander
GRAPHITE orbital sander, compatible with 18V Li-Ion GRAPHITE Energy+ batteries. The sander has a diameter of 125 mm with the possibility of attaching hook-and-loop sandpaper. The device operates in three rotational speeds: 5000/7000/9000 min⁻¹, which correspond to the oscillation frequency: 10000/14000/18000 min⁻¹. The amplitude of the oscillations is 2.7 mm. The grip area has been covered with non-slip material, so you can work with a power tool safely and comfortably - also with one hand. The sander has an efficient dust removal system, thanks to which spoil produced during grinding does not impede the work. Included with the grinder are: a container with a dust bag filter and sandpaper.

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18V Li-Ion orbital sander, 125 mm foot, speed 5000/7000/9000 min⁻¹, oscillations 10000/14000/18000 min⁻¹, 2.7 mm oscillation amplitude, (LxH) 165 x 145 mm, weight 1.1 kg, compatible with Energy+ batteries , accessories: sandpaper, dust bag

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