Finishing Sander

Finishing Sander
High end GRAPHITE Delta finishing sander (ref. no. 59G335) with 105 W motor is designed to process and clean surfaces with various structures and hardness. Backing pad dimensions: 140x140x97 mm. The tool offers good balance and ergonomic shape to allow one handed operation. Triangle backing pad allows for comfortable and precise sanding in hard to reach places (e.g. corners in drawers). The tool features comfortable switch with rubber anti dust cap. Dust extraction system is integrated in the tool to keep the workplace clean and tidy at all times. Maximum sander rotary speed is 12000 rpm. Maximum oscillation speed is 24 000 oscillations per minute. Oscillation amplitude is 1 mm. The sander set includes additional sanding paper and adapter. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.

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Finishing sander with delta pad, 105W, pad 140x140x97 mm, speed 12,000 min⁻¹, oscillations 24,000 min⁻¹, oscillation amplitude 1 mm, sanding paper 140x140x97 mm, tool dimensions (LxH) 160x125 mm, weight 0.87 kg, accessories: 12 abrasive papers, connection stub

  • Power

    105 W

  • Voaltage


  • Amplitude of oscillation

    1 mm

  • Number of oscillations

    24000 min-1

  • Plate size

    140 x 140 x 97 mm

  • Amplitude of oscillation

    1 mm

  • Cable length

    3 m

  • Weight

    0,9 kg

  • Rpm

    12000 min-¹

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