Bench grinder

Bench grinder
High end GRAPHITE bench grinder (ref. no. 59G383) with 370 W motor is designed to process hard materials. Maximum diameter of grinding wheels is 150 mm. The grinder is driven by induction motor with copper winding. It features high temperature and damage resistant body made of aluminium alloy. The tool is equipped with a switch with magnetic latch and wheel dresser. Maximum grinding wheel speed with no load is 2950 rpm. Additionally the bench grinder features multiposition illuminating lamp, drawer for cooling liquid and adjustable eye shields (left shield with magnifying glass). The grinder set includes: Spark shields, workrests, wheel dresser and set of bolts, screws and washers. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.

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Bench grinder, 370W, grinding wheel 150x12.7 mm, speed 2,850 min⁻¹, grinding wheel width 25 mm, multiposition illuminating lamp, copper stator winding, device dimensions (LxWxH) 360x250x290 mm, weight 9.5 kg

  • Power

    370 W

  • Voaltage


  • Ø inner/outer

    150 mm / 12.7 mm

  • Lighting

    12V, 10W

  • Weight

    9,5 kg

  • Rpm

    2850 min-¹

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