Universal drill

Universal drill
GRAPHITE universal drill can be used for drilling in all materials thanks to special design of solid carbide tip. It can be used to drill holes in wood, metal, plastics, as well as in combined materials.

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Universal drill

  • For steel

  • For concrete, brick

  • For plastic

REF L1 L2 Ø[mm] OPK  
57H302  75 40 4 50/400 Add to Wishlist
57H303  80 50 5 50/400 Add to Wishlist
57H305  100 60 7 50/400 Add to Wishlist
57H307  120 80 10 50/400 Add to Wishlist
57H308  150 85 12 50/400 Add to Wishlist
57H305  Add to Wishlist
57H308  Add to Wishlist
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