Electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver
High end two function GRAPHITE electric screwdriver (ref. no. 58G791) with 520 W motor is designed to operate with screws at plasterboards installation and use special drills for wood, metal and plastics. The screwdriver allows to change direction of rotation and maximum spindle speed is 4500 rpm. Sturdy ergonomic design, small weight and long power cord make operation in hard to reach areas easier. Operation in hard working conditions is easier thanks to switch lock function that allows for continuous operation at uniform speed and option for speed adjustment with pressure on the switch button. Additionally the screwdriver allows to control depth of screws in material. The screwdriver fits well in hand thanks to anti slip coating on the main handle. The screwdriver is equipped with special hook to hang on a tool belt for better comfort, and strap at main handle for better grip. The screwdriver set includes: Magnetic holder, bits and carrying case. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.

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Electric drill 520W, speed 0-4500 min⁻¹, chuck 1/4", 6,35 mm, (LxH) 250x195 mm, weight 1.45 kg, 4 m power cord, case, accessories: magnetic holder, 5 bits

  • Power

    520 W

  • Voaltage


  • Cable length

    4 m

  • Rpm

    0-4500 min-¹

  • Weight

    1,45 kg

  • Chuck type

    6,35 mm

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