Cordless jigsaw

Cordless jigsaw
GRAPHITE jigsaw, compatible with 18V Li-Ion GRAPHITE Energy+ batteries. The device is designed for precise and quick cutting of wood and metal, with a maximum thickness of respectively 80 mm and 10 mm. The speed control system allows operation at speeds from 0 to 2,400 strokes per minute. The jigsaw has an aluminium base with adjustable cutting angle from 0° to 45° right and left. It has a 3-step switch for pendular movement adjustment, which allows to increase the cutting speed in selected materials. The power tool is equipped with a keyless blade changing system and LED diode that illuminates the workplace. The jig saw blade (25 mm stroke) has been secured with a transparent cover made of durable polycarbonate. The tool holder of the device was adapted to work with T-type saw blades. The handle was equipped with a convenient switch with a lock to prevent accidental activation, and the grip area was covered with non-slip material for greater comfort and safety. To improve the removal of dust from the surface of the workpiece, the jigsaw has been equipped with a blow-off and dust removal system. A parallel guide is included.

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18V Li-Ion jigsaw, number of strokes 0-2400 min⁻¹, angle of inclination 0-45° (right / left), depth of cut in wood/steel 80/10 mm, stroke of the blade 25 mm, pendular movement of the blade 0-III, LED lighting, device dimensions (LxH) 270 x 207 mm, weight 1.7 kg, compatible with Energy+ batteries, accessories: hex wrench, parallel guide

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