Cordless impact driver

Cordless impact driver
GRAPHITE cordless impact driver, compatible with 18V Li-Ion GRAPHITE Energy+ batteries. The device is designed for screwing and removing screws and bolts in wood, metal and plastics. It allows you to work at high speeds (up to 2200 rpm) and provides high torque (180 Nm). The torque is generated in the form of an instantaneous peripheral impact, which helps to minimize the impact of the device on the operator's hand during screwing. The tool holder 6.35 mm (1/4”) is designed to work with the most popular type of screwdriver bits. The device is equipped with an electric motor brake that allows quick stopping of the spindle and LED illuminating the work place. Ergonomic shape of the handle and an optimized total length of the driver allow for effective work in all conditions.

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18V Li-Ion cordless impact driver, speed 0-2200 min⁻¹, right / left, torque 180 Nm, tool holder 6.35 mm (1/4 "), spindle brake, (LxH) 185 x 225 mm, weight 1.2 kg , compatible with Energy+ batteries

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